To Art is to Resist


To Art is to Resist 

Online exhibition of works produced by artists in response to the current situation in Kashmir. 

We are curating an online exhibition of art works produced in the form of paintings, photographs, video, installation, sculpture, drawing, digital, animation, text etc in response to current  Kashmir Crisis.

The exhibition will go live on on 1st September 2016.

If you wish to be a part of the online exhibition send your entries to

  • Age/Background no bar.
  • Artists can be based anywhere in the world.
  • Please send max 6 (SIX) high resolution images of your art work. Make sure the images are clear and that there is no glare etc. Unclear images will not be exhibited.
  • Send the Title, Size, Medium etc for each art work.
  • In case of video, please send a link to the video that can be embedded on our website.
Presented by Gallerie One. Supported by Kashmir Art Quest.

Gallerie One Residency 2016, Kashmir – International Call for Applications

call for applications

Gallerie One is accepting applications from artists based in any country for the 8-week fully-funded artists in residence program which will take place in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Through this residency we wish to encourage research, dialogue and collaboration – while at the same time support artists’ careers by strengthening their practice. Each shortlisted applicant based outside Kashmir will work with their Kashmiri counterpart. Each group will explore traditional practices by local craftsmen and incorporate it in their collaborative work, formally or conceptually. By the end of the residency, each group will have created two installations which can later be placed in open public spaces. The artist will therefore be dealing with the geographic, social, political, and cultural sensitivities in Kashmir.

What will we sponsor?

1) Accommodation.

    We will provide a fully furnished 25 sq.meter Bedroom with an en-suite washroom to each resident.

2) Two-way travel.

    From your current city to Srinagar, and return.

    (Maximum INR 70,000 Including Visa Fees and Air Fare – Approx. 1080 USD or 700 GBP or  950 Euro)

3) Food.

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

5) Production Costs.

    The cost of materials/services used for producing the artwork(s).

    (Maximum INR 50,000 per group – Approx. 780 USD or 500 GBP or 680 Euro)

6) Two Studio Spaces.

     On Site 70. sq.meter each (750 sq.ft.) to be shared between all residents.

7)  An Exhibition/Installation of work(s) produced during the residency.

*INR – Indian National Rupee

Application Deadline:

Thursday, 31st December 2015,  6:00 pm.


First ever contemporary arts centre in Kashmir

Sneak Peek 1

Years of turmoil and conflict had left no physical and virtual space for artists in Kashmir. We took matters in our own hands five years ago and worked hard (extremely hard!) to revive the art-scene in Kashmir and successfully took it to the international stage. We are taking it a leap ahead. We are establishing a Grand centre for contemporary arts and research. First ever physical space of its kind! And the journey has just begun…


An open letter to everyone reading this.

Dear Reader,

Kashmir has witnessed one of the most severe calamities in its recent history. The floods came and caused immeasurable destruction to life, property, and infrastructure –  and also washed away a major chunk of our treasures, historical archives, manuscripts, artworks, artifacts, cultural assets and so on.This is in addition to decades of turmoil and conflict which had severely hit the creative sector in Kashmir. Even before the floods came the artists hardly had any avenues to showcase their creative practices. Kashmir Art Quest through its numerous initiatives had been working to revive the contemporary art scene in Kashmir and promote creative and cultural entrepreneurship. In addition to our various initiatives which had a local, national and international focus, we were all set to create history by establishing Kashmir’s first ever centre for contemporary arts and research. This would have been a new chapter not only in the Kashmiri contemporary art scene but a first of its kind initiative to introduce Kashmir to the world.

However, as mentioned above the floods have severely damaged whatever bit of art infrastructure was there in Kashmir. The lone institute of music and fine arts, which was already in shambles, was located at Rajbagh in Srinagar – which was one of the most badly hit areas. The water level rose more than three stories high and damaged almost all the artworks including the structure of the building. The J&K academy of art culture and language, which was home to some other rarest artifacts, manuscripts, artworks and so on, met the same fate. “The strong-room that protected these priceless objects was fire-proof but not water proof,” Mr. Haroon tells us who is secretary at the academy.  Over the years Kashmir Art Quest has worked with more than 200 artists in Kashmir including the leading contemporaries. A lot of them have suffered damage because of the floods. Their artworks and studios were washed away along with their homes.

Kashmir Art Quest has a proven track record of executing some of the most unique art initiatives and these floods have only strengthen our commitment towards the betterment of art and artists in Kashmir. The challenging task that we had taken upon ourselves is now a mammoth task. Funding for the arts was always absent in this conflict-redden region and we were always dependent on small donations, local sponsorship and innovative methodologies to work within extremely limited means. We realize that we require greater external support to continue what we are doing. This is a matter of great urgency. Help us rehabilitate artists, and revive and preserve the art and culture of Kashmir.

We are open to suggestions and further discussions as to what our future plans are.

We look forward to your support.


Syed Mujtaba Rizvi

Managing Director, Kashmir Art Quest.


+91 9596 355 455