9 questions for the J&K Tourism Department after their fresh dubious statements in the media.

Tourism Department in their press conference yesterday alleged that:
“How come they claim to be the owners when they have given in writing that they only are the organizers of the various art activates in the space,” (Rising Kashmir –http://bit.ly/1H3OtUC)

“It was the space provided to private organisers for organizing a 90 days art promotion event, but after the expiry of the date they tried to occupy it,” (Greater Kashmir –http://bit.ly/1GprjdK)

But lets see what we have officially maintained on our official website since day 1, even before the inauguration on January 12, 2015. (see about section)

We now have following questions for the Tourism Department:
1) You first claimed that no notice is served in case of an “event.” But now you have circulated some notice claiming that we refused to accept it. Clearly on the vandalism day, as can be seen in the video evidence, you refused to and failed to produce any notice even when we repeatedly asked for it. So suddenly why did you serve us a notice, as you claim, if it was just an event? And when did this notice come into existence? http://bit.ly/1B9LLfC

2) You claim that we refused to vacate the space? How exactly are we supposed to vacate the space without any notification, and after you seized the gallery. Did you expect us to break your locks, because you have refused to speak to us and barred us from entering the gallery.

3) You claim that you were taking only your equipment out of the gallery premises? How did you verify this? Why didn’t you call us before taking your stuff so as to ensure that you were taking only your own things?

4) Again, how do you justify the damage to artworks? Who will compensate for the loss?

5) If it was just a 90 day event by what logic do you count the days from 22nd November 2014 while the gallery was inaugrated on 12th January 2015.

6) Why, on ALL our letters of communication the space was referred to as an ART GALLERY (Even on the authorization letter) if it was just a 90 day event?

7) Why did the then director tourism mislead everyone, even the general public,by saying even in the media that “The art gallery is an INTEGRAL PART of the TRC”http://bit.ly/18nmcft

8) You have still not clarified who exactly ordered the vandalism and abrupt seize of the gallery? We demand public accountability.

9) Why did it take you 11 days after vandalism to show the media a suspicious “notice of evacuation.”

Artists burn their artworks in protest against the vandalism of their works by tourism officials

Artists burn their artworks in protest against the vandalism of their works by tourism officials