Gallerie One Residency 2016. Deadline Extended.

In view of artists’ demand, we have extended the submission deadline and moved the residency dates.


For more information visit or write to

call for applications



Gallerie One Residency 2016, Kashmir – International Call for Applications

call for applications

Gallerie One is accepting applications from artists based in any country for the 8-week fully-funded artists in residence program which will take place in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Through this residency we wish to encourage research, dialogue and collaboration – while at the same time support artists’ careers by strengthening their practice. Each shortlisted applicant based outside Kashmir will work with their Kashmiri counterpart. Each group will explore traditional practices by local craftsmen and incorporate it in their collaborative work, formally or conceptually. By the end of the residency, each group will have created two installations which can later be placed in open public spaces. The artist will therefore be dealing with the geographic, social, political, and cultural sensitivities in Kashmir.

What will we sponsor?

1) Accommodation.

    We will provide a fully furnished 25 sq.meter Bedroom with an en-suite washroom to each resident.

2) Two-way travel.

    From your current city to Srinagar, and return.

    (Maximum INR 70,000 Including Visa Fees and Air Fare – Approx. 1080 USD or 700 GBP or  950 Euro)

3) Food.

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

5) Production Costs.

    The cost of materials/services used for producing the artwork(s).

    (Maximum INR 50,000 per group – Approx. 780 USD or 500 GBP or 680 Euro)

6) Two Studio Spaces.

     On Site 70. sq.meter each (750 sq.ft.) to be shared between all residents.

7)  An Exhibition/Installation of work(s) produced during the residency.

*INR – Indian National Rupee

Application Deadline:

Thursday, 31st December 2015,  6:00 pm.


Artists of Tomorrow – Call for submissions



This programme intends to identify, nurture, and promote young artists from an underprivileged background. We acknowledge the lack of opportunities and platforms for young children in Kashmir, especially in the field of arts. We therefore hope to expose these children to the subject through training workshops, studio practice, interaction-sessions – and subsequently engage them with a broader audience for recognition and appreciation through competitions and a cumulative exhibition.

30 selected children will undergo a free 7-day professional development workshop Followed by an exhibition of their works. Winners will be awarded with prizes in Cash & Kind.


1) Applicant should be within the age group of 10 – 21 years old.

2) Annual household income of less than 1,20,000/- per annum.


Painting & Photography only.


Send up to 3 works in the discipline of your choice and/or a short note (up to 250 words) in English, Urdu, Hindi, or Kashmiri explaining why you would like to attend the workshop.

Send to: or call: +91 – 9596355455 to submit in person. Deadline: 01/09/2015

How can you help?

Share this message so that it reaches the right children.

– Visit a school, and urge the head of institution to encourage participation.
– If you know a local NGO network, urge them to share the message in their area of work.
– Email people you know. Share through your social media accounts.
– If you know someone who fits the criteria, help them submit.
– Sponsor to help the programme expand and touch more lives.
For more information call: +91 – 9596 355 455


9 questions for the J&K Tourism Department after their fresh dubious statements in the media.

Tourism Department in their press conference yesterday alleged that:
“How come they claim to be the owners when they have given in writing that they only are the organizers of the various art activates in the space,” (Rising Kashmir –

“It was the space provided to private organisers for organizing a 90 days art promotion event, but after the expiry of the date they tried to occupy it,” (Greater Kashmir –

But lets see what we have officially maintained on our official website since day 1, even before the inauguration on January 12, 2015. (see about section)

We now have following questions for the Tourism Department:
1) You first claimed that no notice is served in case of an “event.” But now you have circulated some notice claiming that we refused to accept it. Clearly on the vandalism day, as can be seen in the video evidence, you refused to and failed to produce any notice even when we repeatedly asked for it. So suddenly why did you serve us a notice, as you claim, if it was just an event? And when did this notice come into existence?

2) You claim that we refused to vacate the space? How exactly are we supposed to vacate the space without any notification, and after you seized the gallery. Did you expect us to break your locks, because you have refused to speak to us and barred us from entering the gallery.

3) You claim that you were taking only your equipment out of the gallery premises? How did you verify this? Why didn’t you call us before taking your stuff so as to ensure that you were taking only your own things?

4) Again, how do you justify the damage to artworks? Who will compensate for the loss?

5) If it was just a 90 day event by what logic do you count the days from 22nd November 2014 while the gallery was inaugrated on 12th January 2015.

6) Why, on ALL our letters of communication the space was referred to as an ART GALLERY (Even on the authorization letter) if it was just a 90 day event?

7) Why did the then director tourism mislead everyone, even the general public,by saying even in the media that “The art gallery is an INTEGRAL PART of the TRC”

8) You have still not clarified who exactly ordered the vandalism and abrupt seize of the gallery? We demand public accountability.

9) Why did it take you 11 days after vandalism to show the media a suspicious “notice of evacuation.”

Artists burn their artworks in protest against the vandalism of their works by tourism officials

Artists burn their artworks in protest against the vandalism of their works by tourism officials


Just over one month since its opening, Kashmir’s first ever art gallery vandalized by tourism officials!


Monday, 23rd February 2015.

Kashmir Art Quest has been working for the promotion of art, artists, and culture of Kashmir since its formation in August 2009. We started small, but over the years – in spite of the challenges – we have managed to revive the art scene in Kashmir and take it to the international stage. We executed some of the most innovative and challenging projects, and have worked with nearly 500 artists around the world. We strongly believe that the state of arts in any society strongly influences its social, cultural and intellectual evolution. Our commitment is towards creating an international art scene in Kashmir.

Over the years we realized the crippled state of our arts and artists. We are on the verge of a cultural death. There is also an absence of public creative spaces. Even from a tourism point of view research suggests that creative and cultural avenues are a must have in any tourist destination. The World Travel and Tourism Council has produced extensive evidence which shows that ‘for centuries, museums and art galleries have been the cornerstone of any traveler’s itinerary.’ It is also evident how Arts and Cultural tourism spur economic development. Although it is a constitutional responsibility of the state to promote art and artists – for which there is the academy of arts, culture and languages – but as responsible citizens, we took matters in our own hands and have been working selflessly for the cause. Having worked with numerous artists of the valley and artists all over the world, we realized the importance of establishing a centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir. This was, without a doubt, for the good of our people, for the good of our economy, our culture, our artists and the entire state.

I returned from London last year and discussed this vision with the Ex-Director Tourism, Mr. Talat Parvez, Commissioner/Secretary Tourism & Culture, Mr. Shailendra Kumar, and other officers in the month of August 2014. Eventually we received support from the tourism department in terms of converting the main hall on the 1st Floor of the newly Constructed Tourist Reception Centre Srinagar into an art gallery. We conceived and prepared the entire project proposal, and formulated the business model. Kashmir Art Quest gave have them free advice, expertise, and personnel support to prepare a world-class gallery. We even contributed our savings. We worked hard day and night and our team was constantly at the construction site. The September floods disrupted some progress, but we resumed soon with greater spirit and enthusiasm. Once the space was ready, we worked closely with the artists and put together a fantastic show never conceived before. Finally Kashmir’s first ever art Gallery, Gallerie One, came into existence and was thrown open to people on 12 January 2015 at 2:00 pm.

Within one month we received global media coverage, and put together a world class exhibition of artworks by leading and emerging artists of Kashmir. Many exhibiting artists have already been recognized by galleries and institutions nationally and they have already started working with them on various projects. Kashmiri artists are receiving critical recognition all over the world. We also executed the first ever Design Summit to boost the creative economy in Kashmir and to bridge the gap between arts and the rest of the industry. To honor the point Seven (7) of the authorization letter that we receive from J&K Department of Tourism (No: Pub/18/DTK/78 Dated 22.11.2014) we have already started creating collaborations and partnerships with artists, institutions and organisations locally and internationally. Every Sunday we organize artist talks, and every Thursday we screen art documentaries which have gathered more and more public participation. Gallerie One is already becoming a major attraction for locals and tourists. What we have established is no less than any state asset.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, when we arrived to open the gallery on Saturday morning we found that some people were tearing down the hoardings and signage all around the gallery. We thought they were some goons. When we tried to contact the department officials, to our utter surprise they were doing it all at the directions of the officials. They later chained the main entrance. We demanded to know why this was being done, and why we have not received any notice. We were told that “this is the decision of the government.” We tried to maintain calm and tried and speak with the officials.

And then, today, some fifty people (cannot confirm exactly how many) from the tourism department, headed by the Joint Director Tourism, barged into the Gallery, broke doors, started pulling down all the artworks, took away equipment and furniture. It was a shocking and painful experience. It all happened too suddenly.
“Why are you doing this? Why?”
“Its the decision of the Government.”
“But this is vandalism. You can’t do this! It is Illegal”

“Well, we did it, illegal or whatever, Its the order of the Government.”

“But we have not received any notice.”

“What can I do, its the order of the government.” … “Go ahead guys, bring down the stuff.”

“You are taking our stuff, who will be responsible for the damage?”

No Answer. Vandalism Continues.

The gallery housed over 120 pieces of artworks, estimated at a total of around seven crore rupees. The equipment, furniture and other things extra. We can confirm that some artworks and other things have been damaged, but as of now we are not certain as to what the extent of damage is. We cannot confirm what remains and what is stolen, broken or damaged. But we definitely feel harassed, intimidated, and threatened. And not to mention this is an attack on artists works, their intellectual properties, on creative expression, on a creative space, and on our years of hard-work in trying to create such critically important space in Kashmir. Kashmir FINALLY had an art gallery! There was a new sense of hope and excitement within the artists groups and art lovers. Brand Kashmir  had found a new kind of recognition globally. We had started to build a library, a digital media lab and an archiving & cataloging centre so that anyone could come, sit, work, have a coffee, have conversations. Attend workshops, seminars, and events.

In this conflict hit region we initiated a refreshing, innovative and progressive thought. We tried to do what the government must protect, encourage, and promote. But what happened today is a major embarrassment for all of us as a society.

On behalf of Kashmir Art Quest and Gallerie One.

Syed Mujtaba Rizvi

Watch Below some raw footage that we managed to capture. We will update with more details as much as we can.


“Revive and promote a new, distinct creative economy”

(Originally published in Greater Kashmir, 1st January 2015 –

“I hope we achieve a sense of ownership towards our future, a sense of ownership towards Kashmir. I hope we begin to see what we have lost because of our mistakes in the past, and therefore work together to make advances towards a progressive future. To construct a Kashmir with arms open to the world, we must begin to think of ourselves as the guardians of this incredibly beautiful land; of awe-inspiring culture; of our past and future.
The creative and cultural infrastructure in Kashmir has been seriously lacking. There have been no avenues for the artists to showcase their work. There is no exchange of creative dialogue with the international world. Art education is seriously lacking. The lone institute of fine arts at Rajbagh is in shambles. It is probably the most gravely ignored institution by the University over the years and especially after the floods. It still awaits rehabilitation. Hardly any research takes place in the field of visual arts in Kashmir. What we learn from history and through evidence is that the state of arts in a society strongly influences its social, cultural and intellectual evolution. But unfortunately our creative sector is in a pathetic shape.
To address the issues in this sector I started Kashmir Art Quest in 2009 which has been working towards the advancements of arts, artists and art education in Kashmir. The platforms and opportunities for creative expression had become non-existent here due to decades of turmoil and conflict, curbs on freedom of expression, ignorance by successive governments and absence of any organisations working in the field of arts. It is one of our foremost goals to create a situation in Kashmir where an international art-scene might exist – therefore channelize creative energy towards Kashmir. We celebrate a culture of innovation and creativity, and strive to foster creative and cultural entrepreneurship in the region.
Unfortunately we are still the only independent contemporary arts organisation working actively in Kashmir. However we are all-set to launch the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in J&K – a historical landmark, and a much needed space especially in a place like Kashmir. Gallerie One will initiate the long overdue exploration of the creative economy, and promote Brand Kashmir globally. This will create value propositions worth crores of Rupees for our society, our traders, hoteliers, businesses, real-estate developers, and even the tourists visiting Kashmir. This has finally become possible after years of hard work and now by the support from J&K Department of Tourism. I hope the local businesses, corporate, future administration and governments continue to support such initiatives, and prioritize the revival and promotion of a new, distinct creative economy.”

Syed Mujtaba Rizvi

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Gallerie One.

Founder, Managing Director, Kashmir Art Quest.