Keep the Canvas Rolling – Phase 9 – Kuala Lumpur.


The Canvas was hosted by the International Islamic University in Malaysia.


Keep the Canvas Rolling Phase 9 – Kuala Lumpur.


The Canvas reached the shores of Malacca Straits all the way from Schaffhausen in Switzerland on 14th October 2014. After a lot of waiting was done, the Rolling Canvas was handed over to Al-Aqsa and Friends’ Society of International Islamic University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in coordination with Kashmir Institute of International Affairs.

A number of local and international artists had expressed their interest in being part of this unique initiative. Moaaz Alarini from Palestine, Mohammad from Iran, Mahmoud Albaghdady from Damascus, Syria among others with local Malaysians joining their artistic abilities on Sunday, 19th of October.

They added local flavours with their own theme called ‘Relove-ution’. It was appreciated by the University officials and local audience who participated in the 3 day exhibition at the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur – many of whom expressed their willingness to join in the next initiative on Kashmir.

On Friday, 24th of October exhibition was closed and the canvas was rolled and sent on its next destination – Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Brazil.


(Text by Muhammad Faysal – Edited)


“A stream of beeswax connects several parts of the picture.

The warm material is soft as well as hard,

It protects and carries symbols of fullness, birth and trust for the changes of life.”
– Karin Juraubek Rutschmann

– Petra Feliser

– Katarina Waser-Ouwerkerk

Keep the canvas rolling Phase 8 @ Museumsnight 22.9.2014 Schaffhausen , Switzerland.