Mumbai – Work in Progress


A fantastic group of artists in Mumbai have come together to continue the work on Canvas, which is being hosted at the prestigious Sir JJ School of Art. The work will continue until Friday, 27 June 4 pm after which the canvas will be rolled and shipped to Shiraz, Iran.

Day 1 Highlights from Mumbai


Phase 4 - Mumbai

Phase 4 – Mumbai


ARTSOME Review – Keep the Canvas Rolling, New Delhi Chapter, By Habiba Insaf

“A huge canvas arbitrarily painted by a collective of artists to reveal a work in progress hangs in a silent vestibule waiting to extend the visual journey of Kashmir. Kashmir- a place known for its delectable landscapes and far-famed handicrafts – a paradise on earth or a burning inferno; a place that carries a complex political history of occupation and terrorism, curfews and crackdowns – capturing stories of unflinching resistance and a life strife torn on a spread of canvas is challenging at best. A uni-dimensional perspective is unaffordable; a shift in discourse is pressing…”


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‘Keep the Canvas Rolling’ artists in Guangzhou, China

Below are the names of the fantastic group of artists who worked on the canvas in Guangzhou China, who are now also a part of our international artists collaborative, Arts Network Kashmir.


CHEN Zhijie (陈志杰) 

HUA Daijuan (华代娟) 

HUANG Shan (黄山) 

LI Yao (李耀)

WANG Xiao (王潇) 

XU Zhiwei (许志威)

YANG Boyan (杨博衍)

ZHANG Guangxian (张广先)

ZHENG Qi (郑琦) 

ZHOU Yuxie (周玉谐) 

ZHOU Qinyi (周琴宜)