Priyanka Kumar talks about her work on the Canvas during the second phase of our project, Keep the Canvas rolling, which was hosted at the School of Arts and Aesthetics in New Delhi.

Read the poem that she is referring to:

A History of Paisley

You who will find the dark fossils of paisleys
one afternoon on the peaks of Zabarvan –
Trader from an ancient market of the future,
alibi of chronology, that vain
collaborator of time – won’t know that these
are her footprints from the day the world began.

(Oh see, it is still the day the world begins:
and the city rises, holding its remains,
its wooden beams already their own fire’s prophets.)

And you, now touching sky, deaf to her anklets
still echoing in the valley, deaf to men
fleeing from soldiers into dead-end lanes

(Look! Their feet bleed; they leave footprints on the street
which will give up its fabric, at dusk, a carpet) –
you have found-you’ll think- the first teardrop, gem
that was enticed for a mogul diadem
into design…

…three men are discussing, between
sips of tea, undiscovered routes on emerald
seas, ships with almonds, with shawls for Egypt.
It is dusk. The gauze is torn. A weaver kneels,
gathers falling threads. Soon he will stitch the air.

– (The Country without a post office, 1997)
Agha Shahid Ali

Next city – Guangzhou, China. in the first week of June. Exact dates will be announced on this blog and on our website. Join our mailing list to receive updates about opportunities.
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The canvas will travel through 18 cities in 12 countries around the world. Around 200 artists will create a single work of art that will be installed as a permanent public installation in Srinagar, Kashmir.

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