Below is the list of  artists that came together to be a part of a historic project, Keep the Canvas Rolling, in Srinagar, Kashmir. Their strokes are the first impressions on the canvas upon which the artists in other 17 cities will have to build upon. It will be interesting to see how much of Kashmir’s work will remain by the end of the year. We have asked the artists to interpret Kashmir visually – its art, culture, socio-political issues and its relation with the world. We also see this as a metaphor for sending a letter, containing visual messages by many Kashmiri artists, to which artists from all parts of the world will respond.

The canvas will return to Kashmir where it will rest as a permanent public installation by the banks of Dal Lake. We will document the journey and publish it as a book with writing from curators, critics and artists. This will be the first book on the contemporary arts in Kashmir in an international perspective.

If you are an artist in any of the 17 cities and would like to be a part of this project write to:

For more information visit:


Iftikhar Jaffar

Arshid Sauleh

Yousuf Naqshbandi

Naushad H Gayoor

Nabeel Sultan

Shah Sabreen

Maria Shahmiri

Khursheed Mushtaq

Waseem Bashir

Saqib Bhat

& Fasal Dar (Who was also the coordinator of the project in Kashmir)




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