Keep The Canvas Rolling Phase 5 is being hosted at the Kosar Art Institute in the magnificent city of Shiraz in Iran. Artists will continue to interpret Kashmir visually from 12th to 19th of July, after which the canvas will be sent to Cape Town, South Africa.

Keep the Canvas Rolling – Phase 5


Ciby Samuel Talks about his work on the Canvas in Mumbai



I am interested in realistic works. I find many things in nature – it is nature that changes my mood and gives me inspiration, it provokes me to portray.

Well, talking about Kashmir – I have never been there but still there’s an image in my mind. There are various things related to Kashmir – both positive and negative. I have tried to work in a more positive way i.e. the beauty of Kashmir – Snow Mountains, trees, and the cool atmosphere and so on. While working on the canvas I just thought of making a simple landscape in-between some of the existing work on the canvas. I felt like applying colorful patches which shows the rooftops of houses, later when I noticed the other works properly – they showed resemblance to the colors I had used – so I connected them both. This was my experience while I did the painting… unknowingly things got connected…


I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by Kashmir Art Quest to come up with such a wonderful event and I feel proud to be a part of it. The idea of communicating with other nations through the process of making art is something different and very rare – at least the way it’s being done through this project. I would just like to say that let it keep rolling throughout the world.





Some Impressions from Mumbai

Some Impressions from Mumbai



Mumbai – Work in Progress


A fantastic group of artists in Mumbai have come together to continue the work on Canvas, which is being hosted at the prestigious Sir JJ School of Art. The work will continue until Friday, 27 June 4 pm after which the canvas will be rolled and shipped to Shiraz, Iran.

Day 1 Highlights from Mumbai